Curriculum :

JAI NARAYAN Public School follows the CBSE curriculum and uses NCERT books in various subjects.
The curriculum supports experiential learning, focuses on conceptual clarity by relating learning to everyday life, developing thinking and analytical skills.
The curriculum also aims at nurturing the affective domain of the learners through subjects and activities which will help develop the basic life skills in the learner – self-awareness, effective communication skills and emotional strength. The pedagogy at this stage is not absolutely fixed, structured or prescribed but it is multi-dimensional and flexible, which gives the learner ample opportunities to explore and discover.

Morning Assembly :

Very often the assembly is addressed by the Principal and the Headmistress. Occasionally renowned persons and educationists address the students to enrich them with their knowledge, experience and expertise.
We believe, the morning assembly plays an incredible role to:

  • Develop a feeling of affiliation and unity among students.
  • Aid the students to develop a sense of identity and loyalty to the school.
  • Help and encourage the students to share their experiences, stories etc.with others.
  • Facilitate National Integration and unity through prayer meetings.
  • Help nurture the sense of patriotism and take pride in our rich culture and heritage.
  • Motivate students by positive reinforcement in the form of praise or awarded in public.
  • Hobby Classes :

    We cater to the specific hobby related needs by conducting hobby classes in the evening so that every child is able to participate in the field of choice to her heart content. She can develop her ability through a variety of activities such as-

  • Horse riding
  • Martial art
  • Manipuri dance
  • Judo Karate
  • Swimming etc.
  • Student's Council:

    If we are to live in democratic community we must permit our students to have the experience of governing some of their own affairs. Hence, there is duly constituted organization of students called Bal Sabha. With some office bearers like-

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • A few ministers to look after discipline
  • Cultural activities and so on...

  • Festivals and Fairs:

    As far as festivals are concerned students celebrate all the national festivals like Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, Republic day, Teacher’s Day, Guru Nanak Jayanti and so on with great enthusiasm. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by having on the spot Rakhi making competition.

    Janmastami is celebrated with tableau presentation on the birth and life history of lord Krishn. Even Hindi Divas is observed by students with the recitation of poems of great poets and display of charts with the life history and complete works of great poets known as balkavi sammelan and few one act plays of famous personnel’s are also staged.